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art block wakes me up...harshly x.x by DanyDii13
Mature content
art block wakes me up...harshly x.x :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 14 0
mini insole w.i.p :pp by DanyDii13
Mature content
mini insole w.i.p :pp :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 16 18
Request for Mrjackmen :3 by DanyDii13 Request for Mrjackmen :3 :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 18 47 roughsketch: tiny snack :P by DanyDii13 roughsketch: tiny snack :P :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 24 69 Akamu and logini n.n by DanyDii13 Akamu and logini n.n :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 28 21 Inside job *Spot* by DanyDii13
Mature content
Inside job *Spot* :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 12 37
Mouth kept*soft vore* by DanyDii13 Mouth kept*soft vore* :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 40 266 Pet duties -w- by DanyDii13
Mature content
Pet duties -w- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 15 18
Meet Spot :3 by DanyDii13 Meet Spot :3 :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 24 8 unwilling playtime -o- by DanyDii13 unwilling playtime -o- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 25 15 AliceEffect request -u- by DanyDii13 AliceEffect request -u- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 7 11 the Giant Frenzy Tour :D by DanyDii13 the Giant Frenzy Tour :D :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 35 37 Some brunch -u- by DanyDii13 Some brunch -u- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 8 4 Better I.D short haired n_n by DanyDii13 Better I.D short haired n_n :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 0 6 Rp: Des and Gawaine -u- by DanyDii13 Rp: Des and Gawaine -u- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 7 14 Smell of man -u- by DanyDii13 Smell of man -u- :icondanydii13:DanyDii13 15 23


all the time in the world by sok06
Mature content
all the time in the world :iconsok06:sok06 133 6
After His Walk (M/f) by Red-Neptune After His Walk (M/f) :iconred-neptune:Red-Neptune 105 11 Roommate Rivals by GeeTeeSS
Mature content
Roommate Rivals :icongeeteess:GeeTeeSS 76 6
It lives! by KrushedKrowd
Mature content
It lives! :iconkrushedkrowd:KrushedKrowd 21 9
Housemates 3 by tinyguy63 Housemates 3 :icontinyguy63:tinyguy63 66 5 A Second Too Late by youranus32 A Second Too Late :iconyouranus32:youranus32 324 14 Long Road Ahead by Mini-Slave
Mature content
Long Road Ahead :iconmini-slave:Mini-Slave 67 7
Mandy's Slave by Mini-Slave
Mature content
Mandy's Slave :iconmini-slave:Mini-Slave 40 11
The Big Sister by GeeTeeSS The Big Sister :icongeeteess:GeeTeeSS 252 19 Airholes. by johnlav
Mature content
Airholes. :iconjohnlav:johnlav 83 5
[Smut] I Changed the Title because It Was Dumb
        I'm working on an assignment on my computer, and I suddenly see a tiny splash of movement in my peripheral vision.  I stop typing and whip my vision over to it, afraid it's a spider or silverfish or something.  But to my unbelievable surprise, it looks like a tiny, shrunken human!  "The heck?!" I say, double-taking.  I bend in for a closer look, and the tiny man falls backwards in fear.  Totally stunned and enthralled by this incredible surprise, I pick the tiny up and look at him closely.
        "Who on Earth are you?!  And how'd you get here?" I ask, half curiously and half accusingly.  I barely hear him say, "M-my name is-s-Sam, and I don't know w-what happened, but... I-I think I shrunk!  How big am I?"  I take a quick measurement, and break the news to him: "You're a quarter of an inch!"  My mind is working out an idea; I know JUST what I want to do with this little guy, and it's bec
:iconnutmegzillo:NutmegZillo 53 34
[Smut/CLOSED RP] The Hero of Toes (Part 2?)
(EDIT: I'm really sorry, but this RP is closed now.  It was great while it lasted, though!  Thanks for participating!  Even though I probably won't start an RP with you now, please read through the comments; lots of people wrote really great RPs with me that you can read!  Please message me with questions.)
        You’re still trapped beneath young Link’s foot inside his deadly leather boot.  As he jogs gleefully towards the Temple of Time, you can actually feel that a little layer of sweat—probably only a millimeter or two deep—has built up inside his boot, and it sloshes around you with every step.  Ugh…  It smells so bad, you think.  The sharp smell of his foot plus the deep, intense odor of sweat-soaked leather is tearing you apart.  You hear him walk through the noisy bustle of Hyrule Castle Market, and gradually the sound dies down and you finally hear his steps echoing out as i
:iconnutmegzillo:NutmegZillo 45 738
[Smut] The Hero of Toes (Part 1)
        The last thing you remember is feeling sort of thirsty near Lon Lon Ranch and passing out by a tree in the middle of Hyrule Field.  When you wake up, you’re still next to the tree, but it’s enormous!  So is everything else around you—you’ve been shrunk!  Even before you can really start to think, you hear footsteps approaching, and a boy in green comes into view.  Is that a… a Kokiri? you wonder fuzzily.  I thought they couldn’t leave the forest…?  He runs right up to your tree and (unknowingly) sits down next to you, leaning against the trunk, breathing hard.
        “Hah…  I’m tired of…  Peahats…” he says quietly to himself, but your ears are so tiny now that you practically hear it as a yell.  The Kokiri are a childlike race that never grow up; they all look like 10-year old Hylians, and this boy
:iconnutmegzillo:NutmegZillo 88 17
Paige and her little brother by lowerrider Paige and her little brother :iconlowerrider:lowerrider 249 15 Commission - Lassic's New Swampy Home by notETZ Commission - Lassic's New Swampy Home :iconnotetz:notETZ 171 13
Mature content
Underwear shop adventure RP :iconprophetofgreed:Prophetofgreed 28 2,735
Gt/Gts and much more >:U






Daniel n_n *Dany*
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Will I'm a very **opened** minded guy and i likes being tiny -w-!! :-D * I always thought i was kinda a hippie in my past life u_u since i don't eat meat.WILL i don't eat RED meats ^__^ like i'll eat chiken and fish u.u ahaha....but yey.....*
I try to get along with everyone and support anything really ;P lemme see wat else....will I'm attracted to both genders...idk if i would call me self bi -__-; i juss LIKE who ever i catches me eye i suppose.. :I

I'm super shy btw =///= just thought everyones should knows :'P myaaa

♂ + ♂ = ♥
♀ + ♀ = ♥
♀ + ♂ = ♥
:iconreversetoewigglesplz: **woo** anything u wanna ask me about? send me a note?? c= :iconfurrytoewigglesplz:


▄▄▄▄▄██████████████▀ spread the fail whale <333

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░█░█░░░█░░░░ If You Roleplay ( ´▽`)/) (usually i play as the submissive role,or the tiny but when asked i can be somewhat the "dominate role kiinnddda hehe when requested ...-blushes- ^^;)
Been busy with work and my new school semester. ..aaah scary
But thinking about posting .....
I hope everyone here is doing well :3
  • Listening to: *huge foot steps* O-O!!
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  • Watching: *from under the sofa* -sighs- (-w-&quot;
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